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Tracks for Ain't No Grave

The Gifts continue to come in huge heaps my friends!!!! long as this works.... I had great luck with the public website Cyberbass with the Bach Cantata (see the previous post), but

Cantata No 4- Bach

Choir Midi Learning Files - Bach Cantata BWV 4Midi Learning Files for works by Johann Sebastian BachBach Cantata BWV 4Oh how happy I am to have this resource available for all of you!

Sure on This Shining Night (Barber)

One of the most beloved pieces in all of American music. Simply put.  It's beautifully constructed. It's elegantly voiced.  The piano part is hauntingly plain. It's pure magic.  Eric loves it.  I love

Bound for the Promised Land

I was at this performance.  I didn't remember that in relation to this piece for years, but I was. My wife, Susan, and I were attending the National Convention for the (at the

March Concert Season Begins!

8 rehearsals. A consort of music to learn. (Wanted a fun musical name for a large collection of music...) I. Cannot. Wait. I am so looking forward to seeing all of you in

Some Sing-Along Practice

Greetings and Salutations to you all! A quick note of praise to you all.  Once again, the process of preparing for Messiah has been one of the more emotionally and spiritually fulfilling things