November 18, 2019

Some Sing-Along Practice

Greetings and Salutations to you all!

A quick note of praise to you all.  Once again, the process of preparing for Messiah has been one of the more emotionally and spiritually fulfilling things I have gotten to do in quite a while.  I fear at times I too become emotionally disconnected to the relationship between music and faith, and it is times like these that I rekindle that powerful flame.  So thank you to you all for helping recharge my musical batteries once again!

Here is a link to a really nice set of practice tracks for Messiah. I put the disclaimer that because I did not make these myself, and did not intensely listen to every vocal part and every track, I cannot guarantee a 100% match to what we are doing, but it says it is based on the Schirmer edition of the work, which many of you are still using to this day!

To that end, enjoy.  There are lots of instructions on ways to use the recordings, it's obvious the designer of this website also works with people of various techie backgrounds! And we all benefit for it!

I hope this helps!  

Boulder Messiah Sing-Along : MP3 practice library
MP3 practice files for those learning Handel’s ‘Messiah’